I've  been using Instagram to expand my Demo Reel with some "behind the scenes" content where I include some of my work flow to Sound Design, what props I used for Foley, and much more! 
These are the steps that I followed to create spooky sound effects with an original recording and dialogue processing for a “dreamy” scene, where the main character speaks about the past and how it keeps haunting him...
Sound Designer Aidan Lytton and myself created some Slime to record Foley for the Starfish character in this animation. I designed additional synthesized Sound Effects to give the Star more texture and make the sound even more memorable for the audience. 
Recording Foley for Villain's Scary Nails (007 bad guy style)
Recording ADR & Voice Over is one of my favourite Sound Department tasks, I always try to use multiple microphones and experience to understand the recording capabilities of each mic. This is a Comparison that I did with the Cardinal and the AT4040 Condenser Microphones ​​​​​​​
I had the great honour of mixing a Mx Stem with this incredible music composed and produced by audio engineers Alex Del Oeste and Antonio Granata. Mixing this original soundtrack in 5.1 and adding some reverb in the Surrounds was an incredible and fun experience. 
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